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Web Designer Ellie Wylie’s life of global circumnavigation, keystroke metaphysics, and color wheel permutations began in County Kildare Ireland.
A storybook childhood sandwiched between two rowdy brothers, dogs, cats and ponies, stone walls and hedgerows.
At 11 years old, Ellie found her tomboy existence in a wild kingdom exchanged for Buttercup dorm at Heathfield School across the Irish Sea. The teachers were semi-permissive and constitutionally unaware of the hijinks Ellie and her schoolmates were dreaming up. Ellie told her new friends she had learnt English on the plane on the way over and behaviorally, she was (in her own words) “fairly barking” in those formative days.
Santa Monica Web Design
Sprung from Heathfield, Ellie went to London where she worked as a photographer’s assistant, rode a small motorbike, and daydreamed of exploring Africa.
But when she packed it in and got her self on a plane, it was to an Israeli kibbutz near what struck her on a map as a lush river winding through the promised land. The ‘river’ was actually the Lebanese-Israeli border along that mountainous region she had neglected to take proper note of, the Golan Heights. Sobered, but not deterred, Ellie stayed on in this front line war zone, for a year and a bit, taking a position in the bandage factory. The segues are not important, but suffice it to say that in short order Ellie found herself on the Indian subcontinent for another year, on a prawn trawler off the northern coast of Australia for another year, and analyzing core samples in the gold fields of Western Australia for another year. Somewhere in the outback there was a moment of inspiration and Ellie’s career as a videographer took shape. Back in Ireland, Ellie made a name for herself filming horse shows, steeplechase races, and equestrienne events for another couple of years.
The Video businesses expiration was hastened by a call from a friend to join him in Hawaii long-lining swordfish for a crackpot commercial fisherman.
So Ellie found herself at sea once again, this time with a certifiably demonic and amoral captain who killed inconvenient whales and took shots at rogue Vietnamese vessels, the imagined / or not competition for lucrative fishing areas. The gig proved truly harrying as Ellie found herself on the front page of the Honolulu Times involved in a major FBI investigation that culminated with the apprehension of the captain and a trip to the slammer.
An enthusiastic landlubber once again, Ellie laid over in LA on her way back to the emerald isle. Before she knew it, Ellie was hired at a commercial production company and made Los Angeles her home for an unexpected eight years. She line-produced a string of national spots for an impressive stable of award-winning directors. Another good run.
But Ireland kept calling back. Eventually, Ellie took a position with a distribution company in Dublin that represented Irish Cinema abroad. Later she headed south when invited by American singer/songwriter Tori Amos to look after her estate in West Cork. Ellie jumped at the chance for some peace and quiet and was happily ensconced in ‘perhaps the most beautiful house in Ireland’ on a spectacular river surrounded by fields and woodlands. She would head out for provisions weekly in a small boat and continues to describe that period as life changing. The local pub, the Corner House, wasn’t much of a crossroads between here and anywhere else, but the stakes poker culture was top flight and Ellie displaced plenty of local competition on her quest to win the annual tournaments and get herself called Ballinspittle Poker champion.
A recurrent dream of distinguishing herself as a web designer now seemed less far-fetched. With the time, space, and motivation, Ellie turned her faithful MacBook Pro into her sidekick/accomplice, and began her quest to learn the language of digital design. She taught herself from stem to stern, at her own pace, how translate her impressions and preferences into fantastically interactive, beautiful web architecture. Web design turned out to be Ellie’s true métier and one day she awoke to realize that she was self-taught, past tense. Competent, expert, skilled, tool-kitted, and, most of all, ready to head back into the world to make her contribution and help foster innovative business and promote incipient artforms and nurture and enhance the careers of creative types wherever they may be. Helping worthy people and ideas get to the global marketplace to be seen and celebrated. Ellie hopped back on Aer Lingus and headed west with the sun, to LAX to plant the seed of Santa Monica Web Design. Eight years later she has happy clients all over the world.