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Website Design
You can't afford to cut corners when it comes to building your website. It's an investment and If you do things properly your new website will soon pay for itself.
A well-designed, fast-loading Web site will attract new business, project a professional image, and allow you to communicate effectively with your customers.
At Santa Monica Web design we can offer good value, good quality and custom make your website according to your requirements and budget.
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Brand Developing and Development
A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day, your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer.
We can develop brand concepts and around these your logo, colors and over all web presence.
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Redesign and Makeovers
It's absolutely key for your site to look fresh. Small tweaks here and there on a regular basis will do this and not break the bank.
A stale looking site can put potential customers off. Your site needs proof of life!
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Every business has different requirements when it comes to E- Commerce. It's a minefield of options out there.
We will help you pick the right solution to suit your business with the latest and most secure payment technology.
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Content Management
We can build CMS into your site. This enables you the client to easily update text and upload new images to your site without fear of wrecking the design and layout!
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If you haven't already bought your domain name, we can advise you on the most appropriate address for business and secure the address for you.
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All our sites a re built with S.E.O in mind. ( That means when someone Googles your product or service you will rank as high as possible.) Then we have the experts give it a going over!
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If you don't already have a your favorite hosting solution we can host your website and email on state of the art secure servers at really excellent rates.
We can set you up with as many email addresses as you need. ie:, etc..
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We can help you figure out what would be best for you, then pick the best graphic artist for the job.
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Every websites needs are different. We will tailor make a plan for you so that you are always up to date.
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